The Roll Cage-Hinged HVAC Security Cage

Frame is fabricated from 1.5" angle and cladding is 3/4" #13 flat expanded steel. All components, including disc pad locks, prevent theft with bolt cutters. Power tools are required.


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  2. Nice, protect-able cage for heating and cooling appliances. Thanks


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  4. I like that idea! Keeps kids away from it and other things that may be a problem for it. Do you know of any companies in Fayetteville, NC that do HVAC and have this little trick?

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    HVAC system is the best thing you can do for air conditioner protection. The benefit of ac cages is that they are not as expensive as ac alarms, and air conditioner cages are much easier to install.Thanks a lot.

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  6. These cages are perfect. I had put in a system for me and someone stole it! It was no fault of my HVAC guys, but I wish I had a cage.

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